LIPEN Art Galerie


LIPEN Art Galerie primarily commissions contemporary local artists of Taiwan and from overseas countries. LIPEN Art Galerie has also managed exclusively the most important contemporary artists of Taiwan, including Cola King. He is a well-known contemporary artist in Taiwan. Upon having published and designed many books, he has also taken part to a number of events such as the "Taipei Cow parade".

Another contemporary Taiwanese artist is Chih-Wei Hsu. Hsu's art conveys the cultural shock and historical context between Taiwan and Japan; accordingly, his works typically reveal the elements of Japanese sub-culture through the technique of academic training. Importantly, Hsu's works of art are largely collected privately and by the non-profit organizations of Taiwan at the same time, such as Taipei Fine Arts Museum and Ministry of Culture.

Following that, premiere Taiwanese street artist Candy Bird is awarded "the Wanderer" – an annual plan for young artists - held by the Cloud Gate in 2013. All of his works speak to every injustice in reality, the monopoly of the mass media, the exploits of the interests, and his comments on politics.

The LIPEN Galerie has also managed Chinese artist – Shen Ye. She is one of celebrated watercolor artists in Beijing today. Individual bodies are always the focal point in Shen's artistic creation. Her art explores human desire and his or her existence in reality.

Moreover, The LIPEN Galerie cooperates with new talented artists as well. LIPEN Art Galerie not only expects to have a reciprocal exchange with other overseas galleries, but also foresees more weight of contemporary artists in the field of arts and the international art markets.