LIPEN Art Galerie


PREVIEW :   5/13 ( Fri. ) 14:00 - 20:00

TIME :   5/14 ( Sat. ) to 5/15 ( Sun. ) 11:00 - 19:00 (Closed at 18:00 on 05/15)

VENUE :   Humble House Taipei (No. 18, Songgao Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei 110, Taiwan),Room 1206 


Quality, texture, gravel and pebbles, cubic zirconia, coffee grounds and the substance of various kinds of media are the representation of life. Life reveals itself in different forms at different time in our lives. These seemingly silent lives just talk to each other with my dolls, Xiaomi, Xiaomei and Xiaomndan… Every work presents a different life appearance. I intend to express their existence by getting rid of the bond of language, words and concept description. In the meantime, the beauty of quality, the beauty of life and pure beauty as well as the understanding of the essence of life are all presented through complex and mixed media and diverse techniques.

KUO Wei,Hao

Life contains many kinds of forces which sometimes show up all of the sudden like claws and sometimes are silently and cumulatively approaching. Our senses carry the collision and stimulus caused by the unknown forces and let us be able to capture and condense the forces into pictures of scenery through painting with pigments, making the invisible forces become visible. Being the original vessel of lives, the sea contains all kinds of forces, showing its wide range of appearances such as being silent or magnificent on a daily basis.