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Shiy De-Jinn

On August 3rd in 1981, artist Shiy De-jinn passed away because of pancreas cancer. The decease of this active artist left deeply sorrow in Taiwan's art scene, as the poet Yu Kwang-chung described: "Your leaving left Taipei emptiness." Although Shiy died at his prime of life, but he left many artworks due to his working ceaselessly during his lifetime. After 1948 departed from mainland China, Shiy rooted in Taiwan for more than 30 years and with strong sentiment of homeland to Taiwan. Most of his artworks are expressing the beauty of Taiwan's scenery and local cultures. Like many artists came to Taiwan after 1945, Shiy De- jinn is educated in the trend of modernization movement for Chinese painting. So he is striving to develop a new style for Chinese arts.

Shiy has been traveling around Europe and North America in search of the trend of contemporary art. However, he decided to back to the origin of cultural heritage, back to the root of the essence of traditional culture, because he recognized that the cultural heritage is the root of abundance arts. Folk art, in specific, is especially with less artificial, cold and mannered facade. The purity and simplicity of local art is the cultural essence. So Shiy chose to go back to artistic homeland and integrate himself into Taiwan's scenery, local food, conditions, customs and sentiment. Taiwan is the resource and the spirit of Shiy's works. In the article "My Art and Taiwan", Shiy said: "The theme of my paintings since the early period till now, is based on the scenery of Taiwan. The time I stay in Taiwan, is as long as the period of me lived in my birth town Sichuan. But my artistic life, from art education, developing to create my own style, is completely during my residence in Taiwan." So to further research Shiy De- jinn's artworks, Taiwan is an important and indispensible resource.